Long-Term Care and Planning - Preparing for Your Future Care

Dear Clients and Friends,
I am writing this blog in order to help our current and future prospective clients and our friends
learn a bit about what we do, how we do it and to share some of the stories and cases our clients
bring to us. I have changed the names of the individuals involved and have not disclosed any
confidential matters. I hope you find the stories and events I write about interesting and

I wanted to write about a client, “Alice” that had asked my wife, Susan to act for her in the event
Alice became incapacitated or died. Alice had no husband or children and Susan has been named or
has served as the health care decision maker, trustee, power of attorney and personal representative
for many of our clients in their estate plans over the years, so it was not an uncommon request by
Alice. Susan drafted the necessary documents for Alice a few years ago and Alice went on her way.
Then as it happens to many of our clients, so it happened to Alice, that she was struck with a
disabling illness and was unable to care for herself or her financial affairs any longer. Susan
stepped in and because Alice had the forethought to plan her estate for the possibility that she may
be incapacitated by illness, our firm and Susan, in particular, was able to manage Alice’s affairs and
make sure Alice’s financial affairs were protected so that Alice could be well cared for in an
Assisted Living facility. This is about the 50 th client, (if I were to guess) perhaps more, that Susan
has taken over the management of the client’s affairs and helped the client relocate into a nursing
home or assisted living facility. All I know is Susan does a great job caring for our clients that need
that kind of “hands on” care. I’m glad Susan is my law partner, I ‘m even more glad she’s my wife.
On behalf of all our clients and our employees, I say “Thanks, Sue for looking after all of us”.

That’s all I have time for on this our second blog. I hope you found it interesting and enjoyable
reading. Please check back for additional blog messages. And, as always, I want to say thanks to
our clients and friends. If any reader has a legal matter or question, please let us know by emailing
us or giving us a call. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, perhaps we can refer you to someone
who can. If neither, well, it never hurts to say “Hello”.

Yours truly,
Jonathan S. Dean
Dean and Dean, LLP