Firm Overview

Our Firm

Our firm enjoys helping people with their legal needs. We provide a wide range of estate planning services to help families protect their loved ones, transfer their assets, avoid unnecessary estate taxes, and obtain the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that they have implemented a properly executed estate plan.

Our wholly-owned sister company, Advantage Title, provides a wide range of real estate services to benefit clients involved in a residential or commercial real estate transaction. In addition to providing title insurance, Advantage Title provides a complete range of services to aid with the, purchase, and sale of residential and commercial real estate properties.

Our firm also enjoys assisting aspiring business owners with business formations. We assist existing business owners with a wide range of business law services, including contract services, litigation, and general advice and counsel. To learn more about our practice areas and legal services, we encourage you to visit our practice areas page.

Our Commitment

As responsible legal advocates, we never promise a specific result in a particular case. What we do promise, however, is our commitment to serving our client's legal needs in the most professional, diligent, and caring manner we can provide.

We take great pride in our ability to help people with their legal needs. We understand that people place a great deal of trust in our professionalism. We do everything in our power to make certain that trust is well placed.

Contact an Attorney

If you need assistance with an important legal matter or real estate transaction, we encourage you to contact a lawyer at our firm. To reach our offices, located in Ocala, Beverly Hills and The Villages, Florida, call (352) 515-9221.