Advantage Title and Its Employees

Dean and Dean, LLP Blog
December 4, 2017

Dear Clients and Friends,

I am writing this blog in order to help our current and future prospective clients and our friends learn a bit about what we do, how we do it and to share some of the stories and cases our clients bring to us. I have changed the names of the individuals involved and have not disclosed any confidential matters. I hope you find the stories and events I write about interesting and informative.

Our sister company, Advantage Title, LLC with offices in Ocala and The Villages, offers real estate and title closing services for residential and commercial real estate transactions. Large or small, they do it all. That’s kind of a corny saying, but true. We have closed $1,000 sales of vacant lots and $212,000,000 sales/leases of a 400+ bed medical facility and everything in between. We have closed deals for horse farms and apartment buildings; 1,000+ acres or ¼ acres; time-shares or lease- holds; mobile homes and mansions. All-in-all, over 30+ years we have handled the closing of well over a $Billion worth of real estate and over 8,000 transactions. We have represented buyers or sellers from all over the globe and in every continent, except Antarctica. That’s a lot of folks! For each one of them I give thanks, for it is our loyal customers and those who refer clients to us who have put their trust in us, and for that I am thankful and appreciative.

We have a dedicated and loyal staff, too. Missi McIntosh-Kelesy heads up our busy Villages office where she and Rusty Guthrie handle most of the closings. Missi has an excellent FSBO clientele where she helps people who want to sell their property on their own without a realtor with the ins and outs of the closing process from preparation of the contract for sale right on through the closing. Rusty, a retired Lt. Cmdr. with the United States Coast Guard, does an excellent job keeping his closings on tract and closing them with the same professionalism he showed while in service to his country.

In Ocala, Kim (Brown) Fox has been with me handling our firm’s and Advantage Title’s closings for nearly 25 years. Her experience and wealth of knowledge is unparalleled in North Central Florida. I am a most fortunate man to have such a qualified, experienced and talented staff to serve our clients’ needs. Thanks to all Advantage Title employees, your efforts have earned our firm’s well-deserved reputation as the “Go To” real estate closing/title agency in our area. So, for all of the readers that have not utilized our title insurance agency, I hope you will give Missi, Rusty or Kim a call. They will be pleased to help you. Of course, if you need legal advice, call me

That’s all I have time for on this our fourth blog. I hope you found it interesting and enjoyable reading. Please check back for additional blog messages. And, as always, I want to say thanks to our clients and friends. If any reader has a legal matter or question, please let us know by emailing us or giving us a call. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, perhaps we can refer you to someone who can. If neither, well, it never hurts to say “Hello”.

Yours truly,

Jonathan S. Dean
Dean and Dean, LLP